Domain Name Brokerage Services Fee and Terms

Domain Brokerage Services

In this service, on behalf of the client, our staff will make a transfer request or sales negotiation with current domain owner.

Based on past negotiations, the success or failure of negotiations with the current owner will depend on the usage and price of the domain.

A difficult case to negotiate

Domain in Use

Negotiating a transfer is extremely difficult if the domain you wish to purchase is currently in use. Because of the hassle of switching domains and the SEO disadvantages, unless you can make a very attractive offer to the owner, it is possible that negotiations will not be finalized.

You may be asked to pay a reasonable amount of money to convince the owner.

The asking price is too low

If your budget amount is low, it will be more difficult to negotiate. If the domain is listed in an auction, you may be able to get it for at least $20 USD, but if you are negotiating directly with the owner, you should estimate a minimum budget of $100 USD or more, depending on the value of the domain.

Cases that are easy to negotiate

The domain is not being used

It increases the likelihood that negotiations will come together. So, once you type the domain you wish to purchase into your browser's address bar, see if you can see if any sites appear. If nothing appears, the owner is more likely to be willing to negotiate the sale of the domain.

Cases that become expensive during negotiations

Premium Domain

The amount will vary depending on the number of characters in the domain name, how long it has been used and its value.

Short domain names of one word, a simple string of characters, or two or three words are called "Premium Domain" and are of high value, and are generally exchanged at a very high price.

In the past, "" traded for $13 Million USD on the SEDO site. The more premium a domain is, the higher the price will be.

Our motto

Suggest using an empty domain first

If the desired domain name has already been acquired, we will first propose an alternative or compromise plan that is still available.

As explained above, negotiating the sale or transfer of a domain can be essentially expensive, and depending on the situation.

However, if it is a vacant domain that no one is currently acquiring, you will only have to pay for the cost of acquisition. In other words, it is the cheapest way to get.

For this reason, if there is a vacant domain that is close to your desired domain that is not currently in use, we will suggest the use of that domain. If the domain is available, you can acquire it on your own to save on unnecessary costs.

This is because when starting a new business, the costs should be kept down as low as possible.

gTLDs or ccTLDs

Not only gTLDs such as .com, .net, .info and .org but there are also ccTLDs such as .us, .uk, .jp, .th. This may be a compromise for you, but if you consider those alternatives depending on your status of residence, you may find it easier to get a domain that is closer to what you want.

Try to look for various possibilities first.

Service Charge

Negotiation Fee ฿1,000 per 1 domain
Commission fee at the time of sale and purchase negotiation 10% of the sale price
Minimum amount ฿500

A domain negotiation fee of ฿1,000 per domain will be charged.
※There are no refunds if we are unable to contact the owner of the domain or if the negotiations fail.

We charge a Commission fee of 10% of the agreed-upon price. For example, if we negotiate a deal for $50 USD, the 10% fee will be $5 USD, but we will charge a minimum fee of ฿500 in this case.

Precautions and Disclaimer

We will negotiate on your behalf with the current owner of the domain you wish to acquire, provided that the desired domain has already been acquired.

Negotiation the transfer of a domain can take a long time. Please allow at least 10 business days for this process to be completed.
※Depending on the circumstances, it can come together quickly, but basically, you have to realize that it's going to take some time.
※If you want to get or use a domain right now, please use our available domains.

In negotiaions, you may not be able to contact the owner.
The owner may not always respond to our contact.
In addition, if they don't want to sell the domain, they may not response our contact and negotiations may come to an impasse.

We will keep you an updated of the situation, but if we are ultimately unable to reach current owner, we will not refund your fees.

When negotiations are finally settled, you will pay the owner directly. We will never pay or deposit money to the owner. In that case, we will charge a commission fee upon conclusion of negotiations.

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